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About us

Montessori Meggen, in its wholistic consideration of each individual child's possibilities, includes, besides a full complement of Montessori materials, additional choices of activ- ities with subsequent structuring to include, e.g., social skills around (shared) cooking, baking, woodwork, theater, role play, constructive activities, and outdoors, besides the possibility of taking indoor free time work outside, the sandbox, gymnastics, and large motor skills with an assortment of wheeled vehicles. 

Musical instrument introductions have been offerred in the Susuki method(violin), as well as other instruments including the cello, flute, organ, voice(opera),guitar and the alphorn. 

Life experiences have included the breeding of chicks, frogs' metamorphosis from tadpoles in the classroom, a "day in the woods" for the older children, as well as a presentation of the habits and honey-making of bees! Always part of our "prepared environment" are guinea pigs and an aquarium with goldfish plus. 

Annually there are: a class outing with the children, the picnic with current and former enrollees and their families, at least two parents' evenings, individual conferences and a "Special Persons Evening". 

Recognized by the Canton of Luzern as a Kindergarten equivalent, Montessori Meggen receives some small subsidies as well as the usual services, residence-limited, of dental, logopedic and supplementary pediatric controls. 

For the introduction of English playfully and regularly, one teacher in each team has English as mother tongue. All staff is fluent in either German or Swiss-German. 

Montessori said: "Help me to help myself." Selflessness and humor are my keys to helping each child to help him/herself.